Fourth Day and Pre-Cursillo in Today’s Environment

2020 brought monumental changes throughout the world; darkness seemed to be prevalent for many reasons. Jesus said, “In me, you may have peace. In the world, you will have tribulation”. Jesus has overcome the darkness of this world through His blood. We live in this world of tribulations but we are not of this world. Everyone who is born of God has overcome the world. We overcome through the power of Jesus. With Jesus in us, we are the light of the world.

Through our will, freedom and intellect, we make choices. Cursillo’s founding father, Eduardo Bonnin, focused on the “person”, not the environment. He reminds us of converting ourselves and others, and consequently, the environments will be naturally transformed. 

You and I are the Fourth Day. What are the choices we make for ourselves and to bring others to Christ? Now, more than ever, we are called to reorient our lives in Christ to overcome darkness by the word of our testimony. By the way we live our lives, our testimony is revealed to a friend. They see Christ in us. Through “authentic” friendship, he/she will be attracted to the love of God in us. We seek to walk with our friend, cooperate in bringing an encounter with Christ, and continue to follow Christ with them.

Cursillo intends “to make possible living out together the love of God and love of neighbor”. Pre-Cursillo is accomplished through the word and witness of those who have lived the Cursillo weekend, the Fourth Day. 

We will always be confronted with choices. In today’s environment, will we be passive and hope that the world comes to know Christ in a personal relationship? Or will we live the gospel becoming the good news bringing our friend to Christ?

Christ is counting on you! 

Blake Rinderle

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