2017 Spring School of Leaders

In a nutshell, the School of Leaders is meant to resemble a school of fish journeying together rather than a school with classes. Its purpose is  to provide intellectual and spiritual nourishment for all Cursillistas, who wish to continue their spiritual growth and learn more about the Movement.

This session of the School will utilize a dynamic new format. The focus of each meeting will be a short (~7 minute) presentation during which the speaker will provide a personal witness on how they have taken a theme from the Weekend and implemented it into their daily life followed by reflection and discussion.

All Meetings are held 7:00 - 8:30 PM

                  DATE                                 TOPIC                         PRESENTER                  LOCATION
Monday, March 6, 2017           Enculturation             John Haviland             St. Margaret Mary

     Monday, March 20, 2017          The Person                  Tom Perazzo                  Incarnation

     Monday, April 3, 2017                     Piety                         Kathy Minges            St. Margaret Mary

     Tuesday, April 18, 2017                   Study                       Connie Guillozet             Incarnation

     Monday, May 1, 2017                     Action                       Ken Kluener              St. Margaret Mary

     Monday May 15, 2017            Action in Relation             Julie Tyler                     Incarnation
                                                           to the Environment

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More About the School of Leaders

The School of Leaders is a group of Christians who seek to be more committed and more united in order to accelerate the living of what is fundamental to being a Christian.  This on-going unity is brought about in a climate of Group Reunion.  These Christians seek continual improvement in themselves, in the Cursillo Movement and in the environments in which they find themselves.

The School is not designed to create leaders, nor is it just for those who are in leadership positions within the Cursillo Movement.  The School is designed to accentuate the Movement and bring everyone to a more fulfilling realization of their faith.  All 4th Day are invited.

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