An Encounter with Christ

The Cursillo Movement is dedicated to spreading the Word of God and helping people form a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. The Cursillo employs a method that emphasizes the importance of a balanced life of holiness, continued spiritual formation, and evangelization. The Cursillo method enables you to:
  • expand your prayer life
  • grow spritually  through an ongoing formation process that increases your knowledge about God's Word and your Catholic Faith
  • spread God's Word in a natural way to the people you interact with in the very environments in which you live.
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The  next meetings of the School of Leaders will be held on  June 19, 2018 and July
14, 2018  (Click for details)

The June National Cursillo Newsletter is now available (click here

Upcoming Weekends
        Mens - September 6 - 9, 2018 
Coming Soon
        Womens - March 7-10, 2019